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“The Richardson Complex at Sunrise” ©2003

This V-shaped plan designed by Henry Hobson Richardson followed the Kirkbride system of asylum design. It was the largest of Richardson’s career, built on 203 acres of grounds that included dense planting of trees and farmland that were shaped by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in 1876. Today Buffalo State College Campus occupies most of the farmland and restoration plans are currently in place for a visitor’s and architectural center.
Original size of oil on canvas painting is H 36” X W 48”
Available unmatted in two sizes:

Image size: 14” X 10 ½” $75.00  
Image size: 20” X 15” $110.00  

“Entrance to Ellicott Square Building, Buffalo, NY” ©2004
Designed by architect Daniel Hudson Burnham of Chicago in 1895, the Ellicott Company commissioned him to design what they referred to as an "office block" in downtown Buffalo. The result was a building occupying the entire space between Main, South Division, Washington, and Swan Streets. Its 10 stories, 60 offices, and 40 stores, along with its central court cost 3.5 million dollars to build. When the building opened in 1896, it became the most complete office building in the US.
Original size of acrylic on canvas painting is H 11 x W 14"
Image size 8” X 10” $60.00  

“The Guaranty Building, Buffalo, NY” ©2008
The Guaranty Building, completed in 1895, is recognized as one of the masterpieces of Louis H. Sullivan, probably the most important American architect of the 19th century and acknowledged today as the “Father of the Skyscraper.” In the 1890s the skyscraper was a new and uniquely American building type. Most early skyscrapers, including the Guaranty Building’s neighbor, the Ellicott Square Building, borrowed heavily from classical European design and used strong horizontal lines to de-emphasize their verticality. He rejected traditional designs and celebrated the skyscraper’s verticality. The Guaranty Building is an outstanding example of Sullivan’s innovations.
Original size of oil on canvas painting is H 24 ½” x W 28 ½”
Image size: 18” x 21”   $110.00  

“Sullivan's Masterpiece: The Guaranty Building, Buffalo, NY” ©2011

The Guaranty is the only building that Sullivan totally clad in intricate terra cotta ornamentation. The piers between the windows form strong vertical lines that draw the eye upward to the dominant cornice that burst at the corners with foliage. Despite the technological advancements that made the skyscraper possible (such as structural steel and elevators), Sullivan strove to connect it with the natural world. His ornamentation for the Guaranty Building was inspired by his close observation of nature throughout his life. Seedpods and other botanical forms, carefully balanced with the geometric bring the steel frame to life in a symphony that harmonizes with nature.
Size of original oil on canvas painting is H 48” x W 27”

Image size: 20” x 11” $110.00  

“The Clement Mansion” (now the Red Cross Building) ©2011
Located at 786 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, N.Y. on Buffalo’s Millionaires’ row and designed by architects Green and Wicks, the Clement Mansion was completed in 1914. The home of Stephen M. and Carolyn Clement was the scene of many important social functions and the gathering place of leaders in the city's life for 30 years. Stephen Clement achieved great eminence in community affairs, not only through his banking interests (he was president of Marine Bank), but also through his devotion to educational, religious and industrial affairs. After his death his wife Carolyn donated her palatial home to the American Red Cross in June 1941.
Original size of graphite on paper drawing is H 23” x W 20”
Image size: 17 ¾ x 12” $ 70.00  

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